Girl with pony in Centi's small farm
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Petting zoo & pony riding in Flachau

Centi's small farm

Meet our pets in the petting zoo at the Central holiday resort in Flachau! It isn't just parents and children who live with us in the Central holiday resort. Many animals also find a loving home in our resort.
Our miniature horses Calliste, Soraya, Lux and Easter can't wait for you to come and pet them. Our cats and goats are also looking forward to your visit!
Our miniature horses are looking forward to seeing you

Miniature horses

Calliste, Soraya, Lux & Easter

May we introduce ourselves? We are Calliste, Soraya, Lux and Easter and we've lived at the Central holiday resort Flachau for about 3 years.
We really like it here, especially because there's always something fun going on.
Lots of children come by every day, stroke us lots, and now and then we're sometimes treated to a freshly picked tuft of grass or a nice crunchy carrot as well.
It's also really great when we have a walk with the children, get groomed, or go for a small ride through the grounds.
Ponies Aladin and Doti on a walk


Aladin, Nelly & Herzbube

I am Aladin (pictured here with my two friends Julia and Mara). Nelly, Herzbube and I are the ponies at the Central holiday resort. And let's be honest - the kids totally love us. In the summer you can ride us. Even the little ones can join in! We're not as tall as the horses. It's great fun when we explore the area together or do our rounds in the riding arena. So come over and join us! We look forward to seeing you!
Goats and horses at the Central Flachau holiday resort


Emma, Elvis & Schneeflöckchen

With a heartfelt 'maaaaa'... we are Emma, Elvis and Snowflake and we've lived in Flachau for about 3 years. Not just anywhere in Flachau, but in the awesome Central holiday resort. We're allowed to walk around in the meadow out here - we even have real rocks to climb around on. In the stables, too, we're always on the go. Sadly we're not allowed to go and see the horses anymaaaa...ore, because Elvis was a bit too pushy. The horses didn't like that. We really love it here! Come and visit us sometime!
The two sheep at the Central holiday resort


Sissy, Franzl & Nene

Hi! I'm Nene (actually Helene) and that's Franzl in the background. We live with Sissy, who didn't want to be in the photo, and with the other animals at the Central holiday resort in Flachau.
You can find us outside in the meadow or in the stable with the goats and horses, and we'll be happy to see you.
We have so much fun here and we would love for you to come and visit us.
Cuddly rabbits


Bibi & Tina

Hey! We're the rabbits, Bibi (right) and Tina (left). Yes, lots of people say we're the cutest in the Central holiday resort. But pssst - don't say that to the other animals! In any case, we're the cuddliest. We love it when someone carefully holds us in their arms and gives us lots of strokes. And we like to munch on freshly picked dandelion leaves and fresh clover. What else do we do all day? Come on over and see for yourself!
Fred the rabbit



My name is Fred. Lots of people think I'm a guinea pig because my ears almost disappear into my cuddly fur. But actually I'm also a rabbit like Tina and Bibi! I enjoy being stroked lots, and plenty of kids like to stroke me too, because my fur is so incredibly fluffy. And let's be honest - I'm at least as cute as Bibi and Tina, don't you think?
Little cat in the Central resort


Minka & Rocky

Meow meow - where are you? I am Minka the cat and I live with Rocky in the Central holiday resort. But we have some other cat friends as well, who aren't in the picture right now. We like to spend the whole day roaming around or letting the sun shine on our bellies in the summer. We also like to chase after everything that moves, including long blades of grass that the children wave through the air. We also like to cuddle, but not for too long - there are soooo many new things to discover!

Our farm is getting bigger!

Because the animals like it so much here, more and more of them want to live with us. Explore Centi's small farm - maybe you'll even find some new animals in our petting zoo or in the stables!